British Dal Festival - Postponed

Fresh baby spinach and chickpeas, slow-cooked with ginger, garlic, and onion with tomatoes and warm spices, finished off with a healthy dash of lemon. Comforting and your daily dose of vegetables, all in one dish.

This mouth-watering recipe for a Lebanese lemony butter bean stew is from chef Radhikah of Radikal Kitchen – look out for her takeover of the British Dal Festival’s Instagram this weekend!

This is recipe from Lydia Downey is the perfect midweek dinner and is a very useful standby to have in the fridge.

Cookery writer, teacher and author of Pulse, Jenny Chandler gave a demonstration of this classic Greek dish at our 2018 Grand Dal Finale. Confusingly made not with fava beans but with split yellow peas – or most traditionally in Greece with grass peas.

Despite the name this dish from the Greek island of Santorini is made not with fava beans but with split yellow peas – or more traditionally with a local variety of grass pea, an entirely different species of pulse. Either way it makes a simple but delicious dip and, in our book, counts as a dal by another name.