British Dal Festival - Postponed


A dhal with a twist. These softened pearls of emerald-green moong dhal are steeped in a rich, thick, spiced yogurt sauce packed full of flavour and fresh heat.

Bombay Brrrrunch were one of our most popular vendors at the 2018 and 2019 Grand Dal Finales, and we’ve been oggling their dishes on Instagram for ages, so we’re so pleased to have them share this recipe with us!

Suffolk-based chef, gardener and writer Henrietta Inman has shared this delicious and wholesome savoury bread recipe. Henrietta recommends it with a simple salad for lunch, or thinly sliced, toasted and served with cheese, dipped into hummus or used as a base for canapés. 

Cookery writer, teacher and author of Pulse, Jenny Chandler gave a demonstration of this classic Greek dish at our 2018 Grand Dal Finale. Confusingly made not with fava beans but with split yellow peas – or most traditionally in Greece with grass peas.